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Invite participants, take the CCAT survey, and answer background questions

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Thank you for your interest in the CCAT Assessment. As the Organization Lead, you are responsible for adding survey respondents to you group, managing your group’s CCAT assessment, as well as completing the CCAT Assessment. Below you will find instructions on logging into the CCAT survey taking system.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our Help Desk at

Step 1: Logging In 

  • You will receive an email with the subject line “Welcome to the CCAT” which contains a link to create an account. Click the link to set a password and login to the assessment portal.

  • If you have been notified that you’ll be taking the CCAT assessment but have not received an email with login information, please check your spam/junk folders, and submit a request to the CCAT Help Desk. It typically takes 24 hours from the time you have purchased the CCAT to get set up in the system, not withstanding weekends.

  • Once you’ve activated your account, access the CCAT anytime with your email and password at

Step 2: Adding + Inviting Respondents

  • Once you log in, you’ll see the Home dashboard.

  • You’ll need to invite staff and board members to participate in the assessment. Remember: You must add at least 3 total respondents (including at least 1 board member) to generate valid results.

  • To add respondents, click the Participants tab on the left-hand panel, and then click “+Add Participant” to add staff and board members to your group.

  • Save new user by clicking "Add Participant." When you save the user's information, they will automatically be sent their initial email that will contain information on how to access the CCAT Survey.

Step 3: Taking the CCAT Survey

  • To begin the CCAT survey, click the green “Start” button on your Home dashboard. If a question is irrelevant to your organization, or you feel that you do not have enough information to answer the question, skip the question.

  • It is not necessary to complete the survey in one sitting. If you need to attend to other tasks, you can log out, and the CCAT will save your information.

  • When you are ready to submit your survey, make sure you go to the final page and click "Finish." 

Step 4: Answering Background Questions

  • To answer Background Questions, head to your Home tab and click the green “Start” button next to Background Questions (below the CCAT Survey).

For instructions on managing and tracking your organizations surveys, please click here.

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