The CCAT Facilitator Certification Program is designed to provide a theoretical background and a specific model for assessing and building nonprofit capacity. The program does not cover the basics of nonprofit capacity building or change management with nonprofits, and participants are expected to have some experience in the field of nonprofit capacity building.

By the end of the CCAT Facilitator Certification Program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and explain the Core Capacity Assessment Model and use the Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) to assess a nonprofit's organizational capacity.

  • Facilitate an inclusive and focused CCAT interpretation session with nonprofit leadership and Board members.

  • Utilize an organization's CCAT results to build an actionable, data-driven capacity building plan for nonprofit organizations.

  • Incorporate the CCAT assessment into their consulting or coaching practice with nonprofit organizations.

  • Receive access to discounted pricing on CCATs, promotion on the TCC Group website, exclusive access to CCAT training materials and advanced learning webinars, and personalized consultation hours with TCC Group.

  • Join our national (and international!) community of facilitators, providing in-depth capacity assessment services to help nonprofit organizations effectively deliver on their missions.

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