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Leadership Capacity is the ability of all organizational leaders to create and sustain the vision, inspire, model, prioritize, make decisions, provide direction and innovate – all in an effort to achieve the organizational mission. The sub-capacities associated with Leadership Capacity are: Leadership Sustainability, Leader Vision, Leader Influence, Internal Leadership, and Board Leadership. 


Leadership Sustainability: Cultivating organizational leaders, avoiding an over-reliance on one leader, and planning for leadership transition (including having a succession plan).

The Future of Nonprofit Leadership: Worker Self-directed Organizations Nonprofit Quarterly (2017)
by Simon Mont
Online Article

Succession Planning for Nonprofits Core Corporate Consulting
by Deborah MacDonald
Online Article

Six Strategies for Nonprofit Leadership Transition Stanford Social Innovation Review (2017)
by Laurie Lipper & Wendy Lazarus Online Article

Sustaining Great Leadership First Nonprofit Foundation (2010)
by Tom Adams, ed. by Vincent Hyman
PDF Download

Nonprofit Leadership Development: What's your "Plan A" for Growing Future Leaders The Bridgespan Group (2012)
Online Article


Leader Vision: Organizational leaders formulate and motivate others to pursue a clear vision.

Fieldstone Nonprofit Guide to Crafting Effective Mission and Vision Statements Amherst H. Wilder Foundation (2001)
by Emil Angelica

Developing Visionary Leaders Leader to Leader (2006)
by Alice Korngold
PDF Download

Guiding Growth Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation (2003)
by Mark Lipton

Community Leadership Handbook: Framing Ideas, Building Relationships, and Mobilizing Resources Blandin Foundation (2006)
by James F Krile

Ten Keys to Successful Strategic Planning for Nonprofit and Foundation Leaders TCC Group (2002)
by Richard A. Mittenthal
PDF Download

Essential Shifts for a Thriving Nonprofit Sector Third Sector New England
by Hez G. Norton and Deborah S. Linnell
PDF Download 


Leader Influence: Ability of organizational leaders to persuade their board, staff, and community leaders/decision-makers to take action.

Influence for Nonprofit Leaders Center for Creative Leadership (2013)
by Deborah Friedman

Influencing: The Skill of PersuasionBuilding Commitment and Getting Results Center for Creative Leadership (2017)
by Marc Dellaert & Sergey Davydov
PDF Download


Internal Leadership: Organizational leaders apply a mission-centered, focused, and inclusive approach to making decisions, as well as inspiring and motivating people to act upon them.

Fieldstone Alliance Nonprofit Guide to Developing Effective Teams Fieldstone Alliance, Inc. (1999)
by Beth Gilbertsen, Vijit Ramchandani

Nonprofit Stewardship: A Better Way to Lead Your Mission-Based Organization Amherst H. Wilder Foundation (2004)
by Peter C. Brinckerhoff

Improving Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations Kravis Leadership Institute (2004)
Ed. by Ronald E. Riggio & Sarah Smith Orr


Board Leadership: Board functioning with respect to empowering through connecting people with the mission and vision of an organization, holding organizational leaders accountable for progress toward achieving the mission and vision, conducting community outreach to educate and garner resource, and meeting regularly and providing fiscal oversight.

Building an Effective Board of Directors The Center for Public Skills Training (2016)
by Frank Martinelli
Online Article

Extraordinary Board Leadership:  The Seven Keys to High-Impact Governance Jones and Bartlett Publishers (2009)
by Doug Eadie

Key Questions to Ask Before Joining a Board (2017)
Online Article

Are Your Board Committees Working? (2016)
Online Article

What Does Board Service Entail? (2016)
PDF Download

Board Responsibilities and Structure (2017)
Online Article

Best Practices Checklist for Effective Nonprofit Management Pannone Lopes Devereaux & West LLC (PLDW) by Gary R. Pannone
PDF Download

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