Once all of your respondents have completed the CCAT survey, you can download your organization's CCAT Report.                                                                     

To generate your report: log in to your account and click on the CCAT Report tab under your organization's name. (Note: if you do not see this tab, you do not have the correct permission level to generate the report. Please reach out to CCAThelp@tccgrp.com for assistance.)

Select the "Reporting Period" from the dropdown menu. Then, click "Generate Report." The report should open in a separate tab and give options for printing and downloading.

Generating a Comparison Report
If you'd like to generate a comparison report, you can select comparison criteria (State, Programming, Budget Range, or Sector). Otherwise, you can leave these sections blank. 

Printing a PDF Copy of Your Report
Once you've generated your report, you can click the "Print and Save" button in the upper right-hand corner to save a shareable PDF of your CCAT Report, or to print a hard copy. 

Trouble Printing Your Report?
If your report is printing without its charts or graphics, you'll need to adjust your browser print settings by enabling "Background Graphics." 

In the Chrome browser (shown below), you can enable background graphics in the Print dialog window by expanding "More Settings" and, under "Options," checking the box titled "Background Graphics." 

If you're receiving an error message when you try to generate your report, check that you have at least 3 respondents, and that all of your respondents have completed the survey. Common error messages are:                                                                               

  • Must have 3 respondents - you must have at least three participants who have completed the survey to be able to accurately generate the report. If you see this message, you need to add more participants.
  • Not all users have responded yet - all of your active users must have a submitted CCAT survey. If you have invited participants to the system, but they have not completed the survey, you can send them a reminder email to log in and complete the survey, or suspend them. Once all of your listed CCAT participants have submitted their surveys, the report can be generated.

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