Re-inviting Participants

  1. Click on the Participants tab in the left-hand navigation panel.
    You will be brought to a table with all of your organization's participant information. Any participants that previously completed a CCAT survey for your organization will be listed as "Suspended." If you'd like to have those participants complete the survey, you will need to re-activate them in the system.

2. Click on the name of a participant you'd like to re-invite - you will be brought to the user's account management page

5. On the Profile tab, scroll down to the Administrative section.
Next to the Status section, click the button to (Activate). You will be asked to confirm or cancel your action - click the blue check mark box to confirm, or the red x to cancel. 

The user's status will change from "Suspended" to "Pending." An email will automatically be sent out to the email address on the account. 

The user can then click on the link provided in the email to activate their account. They will be asked to create a new password, then confirm that password:

Once they have clicked "Activate your account", their Status will show as "Active" and they can log in to the system using their email and password. 

Please note: it may take up to 24 hours for surveys to appear in a participant's re-activated account. If the participant doesn't see any surveys in their account once they login, please contact us at

Adding New Respondents

You can also invite new participants to complete your CCAT assessment. 

  1. To add new respondents, click “+Add Participant” on the Participants tab. 
  2. Input participant information and click the blue “Add Participant” button. Once you do, an account activation email will be sent from the CCAT system to the participant's email. 
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