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What does this term mean in the CCAT?
What does this term mean in the CCAT?
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If you are not sure what a particular term means in the CCAT, below are some general definitions.

Clients, constituents, or audience - Individuals and groups of individuals who comprise the beneficiaries of your programs and services.

Organizational leaders - The staff and board members (occasionally volunteers) at your organization familiar with and responsible for making decisions about resource allocations. Typically, but not always, Executive Director, President, Board Chair, CEO, COO, CFO, Program Director, etc.

Volunteers - This does not include Board Members; refers to community members who regularly donate time or expertise to support your organization's programs and operations.

Strategic Plan - A framework that sets out the mission-driven goals your organization will pursue over the next few years, outlines the implications achieving these goals will have on your institution and the resources required to successfully accomplish them; a blueprint or roadmap for your organization's future.

Staff - Paid members of your team who are integral to your organization’s operations.

Program Staff - Paid members of your team who carry out or deliver your programs or services.

Programs / Services - The offerings and activities/strategies your organization delivers to your community, constituents, clients, or audiences.

Mission - A succinct expression of your organization’s reason for existence; clarifies the “whom” you serve and the “where” you serve them and the contribution your organization makes to your societal vision realization.

Vision - A brief statement describing the clear and inspirational long-term desired societal change you aspire to make, alongside others, through the work your organization accomplishes.

The CCAT is sector agnostic, meaning it can be taken by most nonprofit organizations regardless of the sector they operate in. However, the nonprofit field is diverse and no two organizations look the same. It is important to think about your organization's unique context when taking the CCAT.

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