How do I access the CCAT survey?
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In 2018, we improved how individuals and organizations participate in the Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT). Our new, user-friendly survey platform is powered by VerticalChange. Read on for how to access the CCAT survey.

I'm trying to complete a CCAT for my organization.

You can access the CCAT at with your username and password. If you don't know your username or password, submit a request.

I previously completed a CCAT, and I'm trying to access my account.

All CCAT assessments have a new home on our updated CCAT platform, powered by VerticalChange! To see your previous CCAT, you'll need to re-activate your account and create a new password; it's easy and only takes a few seconds! To re-activate your account, submit a request, or email us at

Once your account has been re-activated, you can log in to the new platform any time at

Someone sent me this link to complete a CCAT.

Whoops! If you landed at this page, you probably received an outdated link to our CCAT survey platform. If you have a username and password, you can log in to the CCAT any time at

If you don't know your username or password, no problem! Contact us at

Why can't I see the survey on the dashboard? 

If you have successfully logged in to the application, you should be taken to your Organization's Dashboard and be able to Start the CCAT Survey:

Form and tab views may differ based on your permission levels

If you do not see this view, there could be two reasons:

1. You are logging on from a phone or tablet

The CCAT Survey is currently only accessible from a desktop or laptop computer. We support all computer Operating Systems and recent Browser versions. The CCAT Survey works best on Chrome and Firefox. 

2. Your organization has not been re-enrolled for another CCAT year

If you are a returning organization, your organization in VerticalChange must be re-enrolled to indicate that the new surveys are for a new reporting period. If you do not see the CCAT Survey listed under Surveys, it's possible that your Organization has not been re-enrolled yet. Please reach out to TCC Group at to confirm.

I'm looking for more information about the CCAT.

You can find more information, background on the tool, sample reports, and other resources on the TCC Group website. Click here to learn more. 

Other questions? We are available Monday-Friday at

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