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Can I change my answer on a survey question?
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There are different methods for changing your answer on your CCAT Survey:

1. Clicking the Previous Question/Next Question Buttons

If you have selected an option in a question and would like to go back to that question and change it, you can navigate through the pages by clicking the Previous Question and Next Question buttons at the bottom of the survey.

Note: You will not be able to un-select an option and leave the question blank once it has been selected. Please make sure you are choosing carefully, and if you're not sure, leave the question unanswered.

2. Review Questions that Have Been Skipped

If you have skipped over a question, you will have a chance to review those skipped questions at the end of the survey, before you submit the survey. 

Once you are on the final page of the survey, click the Begin Review button.

This will automatically bring you back to the last question that you left unanswered. You can choose to answer it by selecting an option, or click Next Question to skip and leave unanswered. 

Note: While in Review mode, you will only be able to update unanswered questions - you will not be able to change questions that you have already answered.

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